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Need a responsible and kind person to look after your pets? I’ll take care of your pet with all the love and vigilance they deserve. With years of experience and lots of happy clients, your pet will feel right at home with me. I am flexible in my scheduling and very responsive with your pet. Get in touch so we can set up a meeting right away.

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Not spending as much time as you’d like with your pet? Don’t let your busy schedule interfere with your furry friend’s well-being. Give the care and attention they deserve by taking advantage of my services. I offer training for show dogs and our loyal pet companions as well!


Nicole Travis

A groomer you can trust! A little about me, my name is Nicole. I have been a special member of our community since I was nine years old. I started out with my very first NON-PROFIT organization for animals, K-9 Guardian Angel. I raised money to purchase bullet proof and swat protection vests for our police, fish and game, and tribal law enforcement K-9s. Each vest was between 700 and 1,800 dollars. I held dog shows, bake sales and car washes to raise the money. But our community was more then generous in the donations to help me protect our courageous K9s. I could not have done it without you. I then went on to build at Cat rescue shelter and began another NON-PROFIT organization for cats, Simba's Pride Cat Rescue. I cared for over 150 cats whom I nursed back to health, spayed and neutered, housed, fed and cared for everyday. Cats were sent to me when the shelters were too full to take them in, cats were seized from hoarding situations, and simply rescued when they were in danger or homeless. It truly became my whole world caring for these animals. I put my heart and soul into their care and needs. I held adoption shows and bake sales to raise money to care for the cats. But I also donated my every penny and all of my time to their futures. I do not just love these animals, I live for them!
I grew up showing dogs and have lived with animals my whole life.I then went on to become a Veterinary Technician. I am also an experienced groomer. I started grooming when I was eleven years old. I now have fifteen years of pet and show grooming experience. I specialize in quality care of animals.I truly enjoy what I do and I hope to continue to grow in every aspect of animal care. My goal:It has been my life long dream to build a state of the art no kill animal shelter and sanctuary where I can personally save as many lives as possible. I would like to offer training programs so every dog can have a chance at finding a forever home. But for the pets who cannot be placed in forever homes, I would like to offer them a sanctuary to live out their lives peacefully with love and care. As of right now I am opening a Spa Boarding and Training facility for all of your pets grooming, skincare, dental hygiene needs and more. I personally also train dogs and I will be offering show and basic training classes two nights a week.Please help me be the Groomer and pet care specialist you and your pet's deserve. Share on Facebook with your friends and family! Contact me for newsletters, appointment reminders, scheduling and updatesNicoletravis77@gmail.com(208) 840-9650


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